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                Hello world, internet, and deviants!  Wow, I haven’t written a journal or uploaded anything since December, really.  It seems as if I’m slacking XD.  Ok, time for a glimpse behind the scenes, so to speak.  I have been working on FnS, Protectors, PTB, and all of my other stories… one sentence at a time.  I’ve been going through bouts where I’m really inspired but only for the next paragraph or so, to make it worse, I’ve been having a problem with where either the type isn’t showing up real time and it’s delaying for up to and upwards of ten minutes at a time… so I have to sit and wait for it to catch up before I can type any more and it’s a huge hassle and annoying as hell.   Either that or, more recently, not all of the letters I type are showing up, so I have to go back and retype basically everything… which is even more annoying when my computer is also doing the time lapse thing  :stare:  So yes, I’m working on them, but when I’m typing up more, I’ve been getting frustrated and fed up and I end up just calling it a night and going to bed :grump:  I’m actually typing this off-site just so I can say anything at all :/

                As far as art goes, I’ve also been working on shtuffs.  I’ve been working on a clothing meme that includes either 54 or 56 outfits… I don’t even remember how many at this point XD  But anyway, I’ve gotten more than half of them lined and once all of the drawings and line-arts are done I will begin the process of coloring all 54-56 pieces.  What have I gotten myself into? :stare:  Also, I am still working on my 30 day monster girls, but I’ve taken a short hiatus because of the meme and life and such.  As well, I’ve entered an art contest where you draw any mythological creature while portraying some emotion.  I am very excited to finish mine because I just got a new sketch book that I am christening with this piece :D 

    I also had a scare about two months ago where I lost my colored pencil bag.  Now I know that doesn’t sound too bad, but ALL of my supplies are in that bag.  My pens for line-arts, my really good erasers, my pencils (which I didn’t really care about because I just use #2 pencils for the sketches), and my colored pencils which are my primary form of coloring any of my pieces.  “Oh how many pencils could you possibly have?”  Says the random passerby.  Over a hundred says I.  I’ve been accumulating colored pencils throughout the course of my entire life… I’m 21.  Every single piece I’ve ever uploaded to this site - or really ever done – that wasn’t in a different media, was done with those pencils.  From that slightly cruddy and very heavy handed angel demon padamon thing from about seven years ago, to the Valentine’s Day thing I did this year.  ALL of them.  Plus I’ve spent I don’t know how long learning just the right way to use each specific brand and which colors work together and how to really use my media… of which I consider myself not necessarily a master but definitely over intermediate level.  So loosing that bag scared me because not only did it have all of my materials – which I would have to re-build which would cost mucho mullah – but the materials inside have been with me not just as long as I’ve considered myself an artist, but almost as long as I’ve been alive for about ten of them.  But thank god, I found the dang thing, but it set me back about three weeks or a month while it was MIA.

    Also, one other thing has been taking up a lot of my attention lately.  My boyfriend.  We’ve been dating for almost three months now and we met back at the beginning of December.  I’ve been spending an insane amount of time with him and it’s funny because we already argue like an old married couple XD  But since I’ve met him and been hanging out – before and after we started dating – I haven’t really felt the need to write or draw or… you know.  And I kinda know why.  It’s – in part – because, when I started writing my stories in the first place, it was – partly – because I was lonely really really deep down.  And my ocs are important to me.  They’re my friends and my family and they’re real.  To me.  I’ve always felt like I had an obligation to them to keep caring about them and keep working on their stories and on them and someday share them with others – you know, since I made them.  Because, if I ever stop caring or working or trying to share them with others, then they cease to exist because if they’re as real as they are to me, what right do I have to let them fade out of existence.  And in return for my dedication to them, they provided me with something I really, truly needed and need.  Company.  Connection.  Someone to talk to when I feel like crap who’s gonna cheer me up.  Someone who I get excited with about things.  Someone who I can really live with.  They’re just like characters in books, but they’re mine and their stories are as of yet unwritten so they’re more important.  And I care about them… but…  Since I’ve met Noah… I’m not lonely anymore.  I have someone to literally talk to when I’m mad or sad or what have you.  I have someone to while away the hours with without regretting the time wasted.  I have a flesh and blood person to just – be around, who cares about me and who I have actually let in far enough to where I care about him too…  And because of him, I don’t need to spend every waking hour with my ocs.  And I feel bad about that, like I’m shunning my friends, but it’s true.  I don’t need to work on their lives like I used to.  But I still want to.  So I’m writing a sentence here, a paragraph there – when my computer lets me – and it’s slow going but it’s still going.  I’m sorry to everyone who cares for the seven month wait on the next chapter of FnS, but I’m actually stuck a little at the moment XD… well I was, except my computer has been acting up :/  I figured out most of the transition to the next section – which had been previously eluding me – but when I tried to type it out, the lapse happened as well as some of the missing letters.

    So yeah, I just thought I’d give everyone an update and let u guys know that stuff IS happening, just at a glacial pace :sheepish:   I still have to find a balance between needing to write for my own sake and wanting to write for theirs, but I’ll find it. 

    Oh!  On another note, I may be getting a new job!  I have an interview tomorrow morning at one of the stores in my mall.  I really hope I can land it because I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even care enough to pretend to care about McDonalds anymore -_-  Two years is MORE than long enough, thank you very much!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: my mind
Favourite genre of music: country
Favourite photographer: amateur=me
Favourite style of art: traditional/digital
MP3 player of choice: ... i-Pod......
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto Uzamaki
Personal Quote: "unique" doesn't even begin to describe what I am.

Alright, so, At the current time, Requests are CLOSED. Trades are negotiable. Commissions will be opened as soon as I'm done with my current list of to-do's.


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I'm actually closed for requests, sorry :/
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Oh, never, I have too much planned for it XD  I just had massive writer's block for the past few months.  I'm so sorry on how long it's taken to finish this chapter :( 
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