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I remember by MMDprogramvocaloid

This is a beautiful piece. I love the way you were able to show both of Haku's forms. I love the shimmering scales and the reference to...

after listening to the auditory one, I kindof want to upload it to my ipod and have it on repeat so I can see what it's really like, 3 ...

Armistice -commission- by SaraCuervo

One of the first things I noticed, unfortunately, was an issue, the bounty hunter's head looks off, I feel that, had you moved her head...

paintin' by lupus-miles

The first thing I noticed is that they're painting on their bed, and I thought "Who does that!!... wait a min... I do ^^;" I feel you nee...


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    Okay, so you guys remember how happy I was back in march when I'd reached 400 views on FnS over on  Happy tears... just happy tears.    So, I know that some of you who've read this may have read my rotg fanfic Frost and Stories.  Well, those who've read from the beginning, will know that the main character, Story, is basically me.  It was intended ad a personal self-insert to begin with, but eventually erupted into it's current twisty plot.  So, now I consider Story to be a separate entity to myself... who is exactly like me in every way, has my name, my face, and personality.
    So whenever people compliment the fic and say "Story is an interesting/funny/cool/etc. character" I'm just here like :iconohuplz:, cause I'm basically getting complimented on my personality... which many have found not to their liking (screw you too assbutts who I hope die a horrible death of fire and pain).  But anyway, aside from dA, I have been posting it to, which has rewarded great results.  I have 2 favorites on the story, 6 follows, and so far, 1 r
  And then how freaking ecstatic I was in august, you know the day after my one year anniversary of writing FnS?  WOOHOO!!!    Woo-freaking-Hoo!  You guys don't even know!
    Okay, so, anyone who saw my last journal will know I flipped out because I'd hit 400 views on Frost and Stories.  Since I'd hit that marker, I decided that my goal for myself was to hit 100 views in one month alone.  May was two views short and I was about ready to tear my hair out in frustration.  I haven't told anyone about the goal I set for myself because I didn't want that to influence the amount of views FnS got, so I suffered in silence.  However, June rolled around and I got another chance at that 100 views goal.  On the 15th I had 50 views, right on schedule.  Half the month done, half the views I needed.  Well, not only did I get 100 views that month, but I got more than that!  I got 129 views in one freaking month!  (As well as 101 in July wi

    Well, for those of you who haven't read those journals, and/or are too lazy to go read them now, I'll sum up what they were about.  The first was me flipping out about how I'd reached 400 views for the story and that it was international because I had readers in countries other than the U.S.  And the second was me excited because I had 850 views at that point in time and that I'd reached a personal goal I'd set for myself of getting 100 views in one month.  Well I'm writing this journal to give you guys an update that has me almost spazzing in happiness :iconspazplz:  Here, I'll list the cooless out:

    1. Last month I had 160 views in a month, which was my highest views per month to date. 

    2. It was brought to my attention that a reason FnS may have less views and reviews than "it deserves" (as said by one of my followers of the story on was because I had it in the category of "Guardians of Childhood" instead of "Rise of the Guardians".  Now when I started posting it, I decided to submit it as a GoC story because I was pulling in elements from the books frequently (when it wasn't all original storyline lol), and RotG doesn't really keep a lot from the books or even reference the events of the books at all.  So I'd put it in as a GoC story because it made more sense to me.  But since talking to said follower, I decided to switch it to a RotG story.  Which was a stroke of genius because...

    3.  I now have 8 favorites, 11 follows, and 9 reviews.  Which is triple the amount I had back in march, most of which appeared recently, as in the last month.  Actually 3 of the follows, 1 fave, and 2 reviews came all in one day.  Tuesday, in fact.

    4.  Thanks to the 160 views last month, I broke 1,000 views....  1,000 VIEWS PEOPLE!!!!!!!

5.  Oh and the absolute best of all, is that, well, you know, it's only the sixth, right?  Only six days have happened this month, so far.  Well the first two days of the month were a usual number of views.  The 1st was 3 views and the 2nd was 6 views.  Well, on the third I got a spike in views, coincidentally the day I posted chapter 29.  Oh, how many views did I get that day?  Oh, not that many, just 108 views:stare:  108views in one day ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  Where were you people in May when I was trying to get that many in one month?!?!?!  So yeah, I've had 206 views this month so far.  And again, it's only the 6th!!! 

    In conclusion, I have died of happiness.  My cousin was a witness, she was there when I died.  I'm writing this as a ghost right now... just thought you should know that.  Yeah...:iconsqueeeeplz::iconsqueeeeplz::iconinloveplz::iconjackfrostrotgplz::iconhappytearsplz::iconfabulousplz::iconbrofist1plz::iconbrofist2plz::iconheroposeplz::iconmegustaplz::iconsqueeeeplz::iconsqueeeeplz:


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Personal Quote: "unique" doesn't even begin to describe what I am.

Alright, so, At the current time, Requests are CLOSED. Trades are negotiable. Commissions will be opened as soon as I'm done with my current list of to-do's.


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Thank you so much for the compliment and I'd love to, but I'm not open for requests right now, sorry :/
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I would, except I'm closed for requests.  so backlogged on ones I started and haven't finished that I don't feel right taking on any more until they're finished.
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